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ARD MANUFACTURING, INC. is a full service machining and fabrication company providing customers with exceptional quality and performance supported by over twenty-five years in business and thirty five plus years of experience. From complete product design and development, to quick turnaround prototyping. ARD MANUFACTURING also specializes in long and short term production manufacturing, product assembly, automated machinery, metal stamping and tool & die.

ARD MANUFACTURING offers precision products with guaranteed quality assurance part after part. We build strong relationships working with customers one on one, helping to develop a solid future.

Utilizing our high speed manufacturing facilities, ARD MANUFACTURING delivers products to the following:                            

ARD MANUFACTURING has assisted customers for over 25 years in creating unique mechanisms used in the film industry by utilizing hands-on team planning and design. These products have assisted in the creation of 
movies, television shows, and video games. Also, they are used in the filming of sporting events, music concerts, and church services. These products have affected most of our lives worldwide.

Automotive Industries

ARD MANUFACTURING's craftsmanship and quality control enables us to develop in-house tooling and fabrication products that adhere specifically to our customer’s requirements. This has allowed us to meet production demands in a growing industry.

Automation and Power Systems

ARD MANUFACTURING has provided solid solutions to complex automation as well as developed strategic environmental equipment for power generation and co-generation systems. We are continually exploring new materials to meet the ever changing demands of industry in a green minded world.

Printing Industry and City Waste Management

Working with our customers, ARD MANUFACTURING has aided in the creation and production of replacement parts to service the large scale printing industry and municipal trash services. We help supply parts that outlast and outperform many factory components at a lower cost to the users. 

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